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Frontier Raids
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Author:  Exemplar [ Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Frontier Raids

These are the current Frontier Raids. Raiders, please do not get locked these instances without prior approval from an Officer.
- Tomb of Sargeras

Casual and alts are permitted to PuG any raid at any time.
Raiders, if you raid on an alt while on Standby, please be prepared to leave at any time to join the raid if a spot for you opens.

Looking For Raid (LFR) does not share a lockout with normal raiding. Feel free to run LFR at any time before/after normal raids.

Under current raid lockout rules you may kill a boss in a Frontier Raid with others under the following circumstances:
1) It does not interfere with attendance to regular raid days/times
2) You do not kill any boss on Mythic difficulty outside SA

Killing any boss on Mythic difficulty locks you to a specific raid ID and you are unable to kill any other bosses in that instance outside that raid ID. An SA Mythic kill locks you to an SA run - please do not let others kill our other bosses. A non-SA Mythic kill locks you out of SA runs.

Killing a boss in Normal/Heroic does not lock you from re-killing that boss with SA, however it does make you ineligible for loot the 2nd+ time(s).

Joining other raids on your Main Character and killing Frontier Raid bosses SA has not yet been able to kill is rude to your fellow raiders. If you desire the kill, loot, or achievement that much, then you should reassess your reasons for being in the guild.

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