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1 Overview
This is a living document which reflects the latest guild policies. All members are expect to conform to the policies listed herein at all times.

1.1 Guild Purpose
We are a raiding guild. The purpose of Scarlet Aristocracy is to raid Frontier Content. The goal is to raid Normal, Heroic, and progress to Mythic.

2 Guild Decorum
2.1 Public Behavior
As members of the Scarlet Aristocracy, you represent the guild. Your public behavior is a reflection on the guild. Misuse of public communication resources such as the realm forums or the in-game global or region channels will not be tolerated.

2.2 Guild Channels
While we enjoy the open and lighthearted chatter on our channels, please remember that guild chat is a public channel for use by guild members of all ages. Our standard is simply to respect the objections of your fellow members. Crude language is sometimes used in fun and is certainly not forbidden, but on request take it to whispers or private channels.

2.2.1 Harassment or Verbal/Written Attacks
Socially we are a relaxed guild. Banter and good-natured name-calling occurs. This is fine as long as all participants are clearly accepting and engaged. Active and intentional harassment or calling of rude names (i.e. "swearing" or "cussing") in anger or with other intent to disparage/harm the target is not acceptable.

Should a public attack occur, the aggressor will not raid until they issue a sincere apology to the victim.

Repeat offenders may suffer further penalties. Being able to issue an apology is not a free pass to unacceptable behaviour.

The line between banter and rudeness can be subjective and vary between participants of a conversation. If challenged, be generous and forthright in a simple "I'm sorry."

2.3 Vent Channel
All members are required to download the latest ventrilo client. During raids please keep vent channels clear for bosses and looting. Please ensure that the raid leader's instructions can be heard and understood by every member in the raid. If you have suggestions for new assignments or tactics during the fight, please whisper the raid leader between pulls. When vent is not necessary for organization (i.e. trash between bosses, lulls in fights, etc) feel free to participate in light-hearted banter or discussions. As long as it does not interfere with killing bosses or distributing loot, you can chat.

2.4 Raiding Courtesy
Ventrillo and public channels, such as Raid Chat or Guild Chat, should not be used to call out specific players for errors made. The Raid Leader will endeavour to use more private routes - whispers, class or role channels, or party chat. Scope greater than individual whisper may be used in order to foster discussion on best methods of avoiding the identified error, or guide others who may also learn from the mistake made by the identified player.

Generally, if an error is occurring, the Raid Leader will attempt to leave name(s) unused and discuss the general error occurring and offer direction how to avoid, or foster discussion on better raid management of a mechanic leading to frequent errors.

If you see someone frequently mis-performing a mechanic, privately advise the raid leader (preferred) or the player in question. Should you address another player directly, offer to assist. If they accept, you can give tips to properly deal with the mechanic. Do not force your views/playstyle upon them if they are not receptive - you did your part informing them of the mistake which can be corrected. Lack of response from the other player will be construed as lack of desire for further information from you - do not force further discussion. It's entirely possible they are already talking about the same issue with another player, including the Raid Leader.

If you do get called out, de-escalate and talk to the person later or on a back channel. Apologies may be requested and should be tendered.

Repeat offenders may suffer penalties, such as denial of raiding status for a period of time. Being able to issue an apology is not a free pass to unacceptable behaviour.

Bottom Line: We all make mistakes. Identifying mistakes is important, but rubbing someone's nose in it is unnecessary and can easily tip into harassment or public shaming. Reference section 2.2.1.

3 Guild Size
3.1 Guild Size
In order to maximize our raiding flexibility and to avoid overloading our current raiders, we will maintain an active roster that is above the size of current raiding content. Raiding with the same people helps build great trust and teamwork, but we must also be able to fill a raid when life concerns prevent individuals from raiding.

Normal and Heroic raiding are flexible in size. Generally we will bring any active raider who desires to attend. Occasionally individuals may be sat for specific bosses/difficulty if they are undergeared or mechanics prohibit certain balances (i.e. a boss may be punishing with more melee than ranged or vice versa). These situations are the exception, not the rule.

Mythic raiding requires exactly 20 members. As a result, raid spots are competitive and are awarded based on performance and etiquette. Be sure to review your performance with your role leader (healer, tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS), watch videos, read raid strategies and improve your play as quickly as possible to maintain your status. Chances are regularly provided to show performance has improved and a previously weak raider now deserves higher priority.

Note that meters are only a fraction of what is considered regarding any spec's performance, and often considered least important.

4 Guild Ranks
Rank names may change periodically for fun. Ordering/roles remain as follows.

4.1 Casual
Casual members are social members and generally have direct relationships such as familial or partnerships with a current raider. They are non-raiding members of the guild. They will not be approved for official raids, but can participate in unofficial raids like off-day raids (such as old content or achievement runs). Casual members may apply for raiding position by speaking with an Officer, if they meet our requirements, and they will be taken through trials like normal applicants.

SA is a raiding guild, and as such does not recruit Casual members. Casual is the status for "retired" raiders, alts, or family members of raiders. As a courtesy we will guild family members to this status. Any casual desiring to raid must speak with Officers and will likely be directed to post an application on the website just like any new recruit. The rank does not carry any benefits or expectations in regard to raiding.

4.1.1 Alts
Alts hold the Casual rank and associated requirements/benefits. They are not approved for official raids, but may participate in unofficial raids.

If you would like an Alt to become your Main, please speak with the Guild Leader. Officers will discuss and if the change is approved, the old character becomes an Alt at Casual rank and the new character receives the appropriate rank (typically Raider).

4.2 Backup Raider
Backup raiders are those who desire to be full-time Raiders, but may have scheduling conflicts, or are on Administrative Discipline. Often they are former Raiders who have reduced their commitment by necessity. They are eligible to raid, but will be granted no priority. They are backup and support for empty positions when they may be able to attend. I.e. they would only attend Mythic if we were otherwise unable to field the required 20.

The major drawbacks of Backup Raider position are reduced Guild Repairs and "Last For Loot" status. "Last For Loot" means that a Backup Raider will only be given loot if no full Raider wants it for Main spec. Order will be: Raider Main Spec, Backup Raider Main Spec, Raider Offspec, Backup Raider Offspec, anyone for Transmog.

4.3 Raider
Raiders are the core of this guild and as such have high demands placed on them in terms of performance and growth. The core quality of a raider is the desire to learn and take on new challenges.

Often during Frontier Bosses (one never before killed by the guild) a reasonable value for Guild Repairs will be enabled for Raiders. At times this may be extended as small semi-permanent per diem and may be used for any repair purposes.

4.3b Frontier Raider
Occasionally the role of Frontier Raider may exist. This has all the same requirements as the normal Raider position, typically with an additional perk or two. Example: higher guild repairs or free weekly flasks/potions.

4.4 Officer
Officers are raiders who have demonstrated through their behavior that they will contribute positively to the growth of the other members in their class and role. They have been selected to lead each of the four raid role divisions (tank, healing, melee DPS, and ranged DPS). In addition to the normal raider expectations, officers are expect to report to the Guild Leader any concerns voiced by their division and administer the division's raiding performance reviews. Officers receive no regular benefits.

4.5 Guild Leader
The Guild Leader is responsible for the creation and enforcement of guild policy. Any issues you feel uncomfortable discussing with an Officer can be brought directly to the Guild Leader.

5 Expectations of a Raider
The expectations of the raiders are listed below. Meeting all of these obligations will see you prioritized for raiding. Failure to meet any will result in diminished raiding privileges and in severe cases, loss of raiding rank.

5.1 Follow orders
Pay attention to the raid leader and coordinators when they assign people to different tasks. Follow their orders and stick to your assigned tasks until they are completed. Performing assigned tasks takes precedence over normal roles - loss of personal statistics (DPS, etc) is understood. Proper performance will be recognized and shortfalls in your normal role would be discounted.

5.2 Be Aware
The goal of every member of the guild is to avoid damage whenever possible. Avoided raid damage is less required healing. That mana could be an extra tank heal, preventing their death and a wipe. Significantly avoided damage could be one less healer and one more DPS on a fight.

This is of extra importance in the post-Cataclysm design. No longer can healers pick up the slack for lazy/inattentive DPS or tanks.

5.3 Sign Up
In the past (pre-flex sizing) we required raiders to sign up for raids via the tool on our website (http://raid.thearistocracy.net). At this time we are not regularly using this feature due to the benefits of flexible sizing for Normal/Heroic, allowing us to invite those who make a given evening. Expectation of all Backup Raiders, Raiders, and Frontier Raiders is that they will show up for all 3 regularly scheduled raids.

Attendance is still important. If you cannot make a raid, you are to notify the guild in advance. There are multiple avenues to do so from the Cannot Attend forum, to the Shoutbox on the website. In extreme circumstances (such as loss of all power/internet) it is acceptable to inform a friend who can pass along your message.

Treat a raid as you would a date, business meeting, or any other organized activity. Give the others who have arranged their schedules to show up the courtesy of at least an "I'm sorry, I cannot make it today."

Please inform us immediately if your availability changes so we can organize our raids to give us the greatest chance of success. Long-term or recurring inability to make a given raid day can be posted in our "Cannot Attend" forum.

This policy applies only for the normal raid days, currently: Tuesday (8pm Eastern) Wednesday (8pm Eastern), and Thursday (8pm Eastern).

The greater notice you can provide, the easier it becomes for all, however we understand sometimes last minute circumstances occur. Posting a "Cannot Attend" does not negatively impact your approval for future raids - failure to post does negatively impact this approval.

5.4 Show up
Be online at the beginning of invites (on the hour). Invites will often start a few minutes early for those already present. You should make your best effort to arrive at the instance's entrance at this raid invitation time. Raids are technically scheduled to begin 15 minutes after the hour to permit all time to arrive. You should not be expecting summons to the instance. If enough arrive early, the raid can start ahead of schedule - at the least clearing of trash.

When you know you will be late on a given day, please log out at the instance with all required consumables in order to be ready to go when you log in.

If you know in advance you will be late to a given raid, please post this on our website. If a last minute delay will make you late for raid start, post in the website Shout Box, post on the "Cannot Attend" forum, or only if unable to do either please endeavour to contact another raider to pass along your message.

In the event you miss a raid without prior communication (Cannot Attend or Canceled Status), you must post something on the forums to explain prior to signing up for further raids. The Cannot Attend forum is for both advance warning and remedial explanations. Explanation does not need to be detailed - if reasons were personal/private then "Personal emergency" is a sufficient explanation.

Failure to explain absences can incur administrative discipline, such as demotion to Backup Raider status.

5.5 Stay the Course
Once in a raid, expect to stay the entire duration. Raids normally last 3.5 hrs (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern). If you cannot stay the entire duration, please communicate exactly as if you were going to be late. Post something on the forums or shoutbox. We understand things occur, such as work schedules that require someone to wake at an unusual hour; meaning even when they leave the raid early they wind up short on sleep.

Should illness or emergency require you to leave the raid, please communicate as appropriate. If your house is burning down, run now and tell us later when things are safe. For less urgent situations, please inform us before leaving raid or logging out.

If you lose power/internet - inform us next time you're able to be online.

5.5.1 "Ragequitting"
Intentionally leaving raid with the perceived intent to cause other raiders grief will be considered "ragequitting". Doing so is rude to everyone present and not considered mature behaviour.

Dropping group during a pull countdown or midfight will automatically be considered a ragequit.

Should a ragequit occur, the quitter will be barred from raiding for no less than one week, and until they apologize to those present when the ragequit. Should the week pass without an apology, they will remain barred from raiding until the apology occurs.

A second ragequit will invoke a two week bar from raiding and require an apology prior to being permitted back in raid.

A third ragequit is grounds for expulsion from the guild, at the discretion of Officers and the Guild Leader.

If you are upset or agitated, please disengage from the raid in a polite fashion. "I'm too angry to raid properly" could be accepted as a reason for leaving the raid early.

5.6 Come Prepared
- You should read up on boss strategies and watch videos for several fights ahead of our progress.
- You should bring all the necessary consumables (flask, food, potions, ammo, reagents, etc) and bring a sufficient amount of them. You should be fully repaired.
- You should be gemmed and enchanted in the best possible way for your spec.
- You are required to use and regularly update a Boss Mod (BigWigs or DBM only)
- You are recommended (but no longer required) to use a threatmeter such as Omen, KLH.
- Join and participate in any appropriate SA raid role channels.

5.7 Reserve Your Lockouts
You need to inform an Officer and get permission before you raid a progression instance outside of The Scarlet Aristocracy at Mythic level. It is tempting to do so if we have already cleared an instance and you are not yet locked, however, we might need you for another instance at the same time. This only applies to scheduled instances - a list will be updated regularly.

You are allowed to raid with others freely for non-frontier instances as long as it does not conflict with scheduled raid times.

With the new lockout mechanics the following rules apply:
-If the guild is killing any bosses in the instance on Mythic mode you may not run that instance on Mythic with anyone outside the guild (standard rules above).
-If the guild is not killing bosses on Mythic in the given instance and a boss is killed when you are not present, you may kill that boss with other raiders at the Normal or Heroic level as long as you do not do so on Mythic difficulty and as long as it does not conflict with standard raiding schedules. Be aware you can now kill the same Normal/Heroic boss repeatedly and are only eligible for loot on the first kill of a week.

Bottom line: if you're an SA Raider, you're here to raid with SA. If you are regularly raiding with another guild on your main character, especially if it is conflicting with raiding with SA, do not expect to retain your raiding position.

5.8 Do Your Job
Be ready to execute your required raid role for every single attempt of the evening. For many fights, a single mistake can cause a wipe. Even if you only make a single mistake in a given raid, if everyone in the raid performs the same, that raid could see 25 wipes.

Performing the proper role is more important than looking good on a meter. MT vs raid healing, boss vs add DPS, spec abilities (shields, AOE DPS/heals, etc), and unusual circumstances are taken into account. Doing the wrong thing to look good on a meter is a negative behaviour that will be noticed.

5.9 Grow and Learn
No one is perfect, but admitting and trying to correct mistakes is what makes a great raider and team member.

5.10 Review Process
When reason merits, Officers will post analyses of our raid logs in the forums. Please pay attention to the discussion so that we can learn quickly and progress quickly through the content. This is intended as a learning tool, not as intent to publicly humiliate someone currently underperforming. Reference section 5.8.

5.11a Raid Resurrection
If you die on trash - release and run back. The only time we brez on trash is if a tank drops or possibly a healer. Often you can return to the fight before the trash is dead and continue to contribute. On the rare times we're using master looter, the raid leader may lay dead to ensure they can properly assign drops - this is uncommon.

If it's clear the trash is a wipe, it's safe to rez and remain out of combat range. If the raid leader wants to graveyard zerg, they'll advise on vent.

Most resurrection spots are very close to a boss. If you die on a boss and know this is the case, release. You'll probably get back to the boss before a healer could resurrect you anyway. If the rez spot is a long distance away (or behind trash), waiting for a rez is fine.

If you're too lazy to release and run back, healers are too lazy to resurrect you.

5.11b Battle Resurrection
- Do not call for a Battle Rez on vent.
- Do not ask to be resurrected.
- Do not use a battle rez without instruction.
- When brezzed, take it immediately unless instructed otherwise.

The raid leader will monitor the raid and does see when people die. Battle rez will be coordinated or instructed as/when most effective. People may be left dead to reserve the rez for a situation that could wipe the raid without the rez (often tank or healer death). People may be left dead during certain phases or mechanics as it would be detrimental to the rezzer, or put the newly revived in a situation with the potential to instantly kill them again.

If the raid leader makes a general call "can someone brez <person>", any class capable of doing so that is in range of the target and not in danger should attempt to fulfill the request. If you are in a ground effect, something damaging will move over where you are standing within a few seconds, etc - do not brez.

If a specific player is asked to rez, let them do so. If they are far out of range of the target, you are in a better position, and it would not be raid detrimental (something untanked, important target ignored, or healing missed), feel free to offer to do so on vent. Do not take it on yourself to do so - you may be needed for a more important task, or geared to do more damage than the assigned rezzer.

Take your brez. Please do not walk away or tab out if you die. You need to be available to return at any time we can get you back in the fight. The only caveat is if the raid leader asks for a rez and instructs you not to accept it. Sometimes a "bad thing" can target the rezzer as they cast. We don't want it to hit you and the raid leader who tells you to wait will tell you when it's safe to rez.

6 Promotion
Rank reviews will be performed by the Officers on a regular basis. The result will be jointly discussed among the Officers to determine movement from one rank to another. We will evaluate raiders based on the following:
- How well do they know their class? Do they put their knowledge into practice to push their performance to the limit by their respective class and gear?
- Do they show up on time every raid? Do they come prepared and wait at the instance entrance for invites instead of needing summons?
- Do they follow raid leader's instruction closely? Do they follow game plan dutifully instead of trying to pad the dps/healing chart?
- Do they show eagerness to face challenges and are not afraid of wipes?
- Do they have good situation awareness? How well do they respond to unexpected or dynamic situations?
- Do they learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them?
- Do they have a team-first attitude? Are they willing to sacrifice their own personal interests for the benefit of the raid?

7 Recruiting
7.1 Application Process
Please read our Application forum for detailed instructions on the application process.

7.2 Trial Process
Applicants selected for Trial will be instructed by an Officer to arrange a Heroic 5man run and/or to show up for raids.

7.3 Review with Role Leader
Trial Applicants may be reviewed by the appropriate Role Leader. An Applicant who is underperforming may be provided instruction how to improve and given additional Trial time to show this improvement.

At times the Guild Leader may discuss Applicants performance directly.

7.4 Declined Applications
Any Applicant who is declined may re-apply or request a new Trial after at least three months have passed since their previous application. There are no promises implied in this permission to re-apply: the re-applicant may be granted a re-Trial or they may be declined.

8 DKP Policy
We have found that with the flexible sizing of Normal and Heroic raiding, DKP is not necessary. See section 8.4 on the looser rules used for looting at that level.

Mythic raiding uses DKP. To paraphrase Winston Churchill "DKP is the worst form of looting, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." It rewards attendance, effort, and reasonably equitable distribution of loot.

DKP is earned on a per-character basis. All characters in a raid (or on standby) are eligible for DKP: Guild members, Applicants, and Raiding Alliance members. All characters present are eligible to bid on loot.

DKP is used for any official SA Mythic raid.

8.1 Bidding on Items
When a boss dies, all loot will be linked by the raid leader. Items will then be individually linked with a request to "Whisper Need for" the item. A reasonable length of time will be provided to whisper the loot Officer "Need" or "Greed"/"Offset." A countdown will be provided for closing bids. Note that there is no separate window for requesting gear as offset. Please make clearly stated offset, aka greed, requests when whispers are requested. DKP values for items can all be found at http://dkp.thearistocracy.net

All "Need" whispers will be queried against the DKP database. The person with the highest current DKP value will win the item and the flat cost of that item deducted from their DKP total. Other bidders are unaffected - no DKP is lost unless you win the item.

If there are no "Need" whispers, then the item is available for offspec. Those who whispered "Greed" can discuss or use the in-game /roll system to amicably determine a winner. The winner of an offset item will pay the Guild Bank 150 gold. This is to be handed to the Guild Leader at the time of looting. In absence of the Guild Leader, this gold may be deposited directly in the Guild Bank or mailed to the Guild Leader at the end of a raid.

Unclaimed items are sharded and the crystals provided to the Guild Bank.

8.1.1 Weapons and Shields
Weapon and Shield priority breaks from strict DKP.

1H Weapons can be used by tanks as well as many DPS classes. Weapons provide a greater raid benefit when provided to a DPS before a tank. DPS will win a 1H weapon over a tank, even if the tank has more DKP.

Shields can be used by tanks as well as Holy Paladins and Resto/Ele Shaman. Shields provide a greater raid benefit when provided to a tank before a healer/DPS. Tanks will win a shield over others, even if others have more DKP.

8.1.2 Crafting Patterns
Pattern drops are distributed free of charge based on an in-game /roll from those who have the Crafting skill at the appropriate rank and do not already know the pattern. Patterns will be prioritized to Scarlet Aristocracy members. Applicants' rolls will be disregarded unless no Scarlet Aristocracy crafter needs the pattern.

8.1.3 Ties
If there is a tie in DKP (two or more people who have the same accumulated DKP) then all who are tied will use an in-game /roll as a tie-breaker. The person with the highest /roll will win and normal DKP rules followed thereafter (deduction of cost, etc).

8.2 Earning DKP
DKP is earned by being On-Time to a scheduled Mythic raid, attempts on new bosses, or boss kills. Applicants and Raiding Alliance members all earn DKP at the same rate as guild members. DKP is gained on completion of activity - a boss kill gains everyone present immediate DKP. Raiders on standby earn commensurate DKP at the end of the raid.

8.2.1 On-Time DKP
On-time DKP is 3 and will be granted to anyone who signed up and showed up at raid time. To be eligible for on-time, you need to arrive during the invite window (or have previously advised you will be running late) and stay until the raid is filled and starts.

8.2.2 Boss Attempt DKP
On an evening when a new boss is attempted, but not killed, Boss Attempt DKP of 5 is awarded to the raid.

8.2.3 Boss Kill DKP
For each boss kill in a given evening, 5 DKP is awarded to the raid.

8.2.5 Standby DKP
Raiders that sign up for a raid but remain in queue at raid start time can get 100 percent of the DKP earned by the raid group if they:
- stay online (on main or alt) for the full duration of the raid.
- stay ready to join the raid group in a moment's notice (can be contacted in-game or via vent).

The administration reserves the right to withhold the DKP if standby raiders:
- leave early before the raid ends or do not respond to occasional ready checks the raid leader may send
- refuse to join the raid or failed to join promptly when called upon
- fail to perform the general duties of a raider, such as signing up for all raiding days, posting cannot attends, showing up on time and with consumables
- show a pattern of attending "farm" days, but not progression

This DKP is awarded at the end of the raid in a single adjustment.

8.3 Losing DKP
The administration reserves the right to remove the DKP from raiders if they:
- leave early before the raid ends or take extended afks during the raid
- fail to show up after signing up for a raid
- fail to sign up for all raiding days
- do not post cannot attends

8.4 Normal/Heroic Loot
We are currently using the Personal Loot system. Non-upgrades are eagerly encouraged (but not strictly required) to trade to other raiders. Improving their gear lets us all do better.

Normal/Heroic raids do not use DKP. Instead the loot is open to a modified /roll system.

If an item drops for your main spec, if you have not yet won an item, you can /roll for the item. If you have won items, your roll is treated as a zero against anyone who has not won the same number of items (or more).

Winners are free to pass to the next highest roll. Discussion/passing to net someone a greater upgrade is mildly encouraged.

If no one wants an item for main spec, you are free to /roll for offspec items. Any offspec loot does not count against your total for mainspec, so don't "hold" any rolls. We much prefer to loot offspec than shard. There is no offspec cost in 10-man for mains. If a BoE goes to guild bank and later opened to alts, offspec price is charged.

This system attempts to fairly distribute loot without the need of Loot Councils and other time consuming methods.

At times the Raid Leader may overrule this system in order to facilitate completion of 2 or 4 piece set bonuses for the raid as a whole.

9 The Guild Bank
The Guild Bank is a repository of items both freely accessible and restricted.

9.1 Tab One - Guild Leader Tab
The first tab of the Guild Bank is accessible only by the Guild Leader. This tab holds raiding items, such as enchanting Crystals harvested from sharded epics, BoE epics, or items such as rare raid crafting materials. These are available upon request to those ranked Backup Raider or above. Enchanting materials (if available) will be provided free of charge for the purpose of upgrading Main Spec gear. Players provided BoE Epics and rare crafting materials will be charged DKP for these items, as appropriate.

The Guild Leader reserves the right to offer items from this tab for off-spec and/or alt use at any time. Epics will be "sold" to fund the guild bank - cost at a case by case basis. Crafting patterns are free of charge. Enchanting or other materials will have a rate set appropriately by the Guild Leader at time of sale, typically at a rate reasonably lower than current AH costs.

Items which remain for an extended period, even after availability to off-spec and/or alt usage will be placed on the Auction House and the proceeds deposited in the Guild Bank.

9.2 Tabs Two, Three, and Four - Guild Tabs
The second, third, and fourth guild tabs are freely available for guild use. Anything useful may be withdrawn, up to your daily limit. Please restrict deposits to items which may reasonably used. Potions, herbs, resistance gear, and useful inscriptions, are all good examples.

On a semi-regular basis the Guild Leader will purge these tabs of "trash", vendoring items and depositing the proceeds in the Guild Bank.

9.3 Tab Five - Officer Tab
The fifth tab is where Officers deposit raiding materials gained when the Guild Leader is absent. It also regularly holds gems, some crafting materials, flasks, and/or potions. These may be requested by any Raider prior to raid start. Officers may provide these items free of charge or decline the request, at their discretion. Note that Officer withdrawal has a daily limit as security against accounts being hacked.

On request and at the Guild Leader's discretion, any item in this tab may be sold to a Guild Member (again, typically a rate reasonably lower than AH) of any rank. Any proceeds will be deposited in the Guild Bank.

9.4 Tab 6 - Feasts
Cataclysm introduced Dragon and Fish Feasts. These are raid-wide consumables that provide stat buffs. The feasts require mats from several mobs or fishing, but provide buff for all raid members.

Raid members are encouraged to farm these items and deposit them in this tab. Officers will then gather them and have them crafted into feasts for use in raids.

9.5 Guild Money
The money in the Guild Bank is regularly used for Frontier Boss repairs. When the guild is working on a new, never-before killed boss, the Guild Leader may turn on Guild Repairs. This should only be used by those actively in the raid.

With Guild activities providing some regular income for the Guild Bank, it is not uncommon for repairs to be left on permanently. Please use with restraint, if the coffers run low then repairs will be limited/disabled for everyone.

The Guild Leader reserves the right to use this money for any other reasonable purpose, such as purchase of BoE epics for Raiders.

Many thanks to Souzan on his hard work collating and codifying past versions of this information.

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